Thursday 28 August 2014

Markets were disconnected from reality. What will happen next to Singapore and Asia market ?

My last blog was "Darkness before Drawn" on 20 March 2014. In which I mentioned "Brave ourselves invest stock with good fundamental and wait for reports to be announced next week. It could be drawn". My prediction once again correct. My portfolio was doing well especially "Bank of China". And so does my Singapore REIT investment. But managing my portfolio keep me away from writing my blog.

Our world have no or little improvement.

Ukraine, Iraq and Israel are at war. Both Europe and Japan are unperformed. QE3 will be ended in Oct 2014. Most countries grow slowly or no grow. China properties market is slow. And the HK democratic election dispute. But Markets ignore almost all bad news. They were disconnected from reality.

I sold 90% of my portfolio. I keep ready cash for potential opportunity. May be I shall wait until grant Stock "Alibaba" completed their USA IPO.

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