Friday 19 June 2015

China A share drop 6.4%

Hi everyone

I am spending too much time on investing but forgot to update my blog

This is another wonderful year. My China Properties share doing well. And so does StanChart and HSBC.

Last year August, I bought China properties share. And I sold out most of them at their highest price. I am holding StanChart, HSBC ,Cambridge industrial Reit, OCBC prefer share and Gentng Bond. They are my milking cows. I am happy with their dividend payout.

USA interest rate are expecting to rise. Hot money is out-flowing to USA. HK, SG and Asia assets price were under pressure. Wait till correction completed

I like HK listed China properties and Banks share and Link Reits. In SG listed share Keppel Corp, Fortune Reits. I am close monitoring EZRA. But I don't hold any share now.

Thursday 4 December 2014

Happy 2015 ?

China's Banks and Properties developers mentioned in previous post are doing well.

Singapore stock are relatively expensive. Properties market correction is overdue. My focus in fixed income investment e.g. Genting Bond and OCBC preference share. Their interest rate are around 4 to 5%.  Some REITs may pay better . However properties market are going down. REITs NAV may drop e.g. Cambridge Industrial Trust . Fixed income's 4 to 5% could be the best option available.

We shall have Merry Christmas. May be Happy New Year eve ? For 2015, I have no idea !

BTW, whatever mention in my blog is my opinion but not recommendation for investment. All investment are risky.

5 Dec 2014

2015 forcast, Genting Bond, OCBC prefer share, Cambridge Industrial Trust

Monday 20 October 2014

Correction on its way

On 13 Sept and 28 Aug, my blog highlight risk of correction. And stock market fall. The correction shall last longer. It is too early for bottom fishing.

When correction is over. Both SG and HK  commerical REITs are attractive. I like Fortune Reit, Frasers Commerical, Frasers  centrepoint trust and CapitalMall. All of them have low PE ( 5 to 10) and reasonable yield around 6%.

Industrial REITs face both JTC's new law to increase major tenants ratio and market over supply. Their rental yield and performance would be restricted in 2014 to 2015.

Shopping Mall REITs offer stable dividend return. Potential increase in rental and dividend yield.

For investors with strong heart, China properties Developers share price are cheap. China's urbanization will continue. And almost all Chinese want to buy their house. China properties market will recover. It is just a matter of time.

China's big 4 banks stock price are also very attractive. Low PE , good dividend yield and high book value. They are all time my favour.

keywords : Correction, Frasers, REIT, properties, China Bank

Saturday 13 September 2014

What will happen after Alibaba IPO ?

My previous post on 28 August
Markets were disconnected from reality. What will happen next to Singapore and Asia market ?

I expected my concern. In the past days, markets begin to realize situation. Correction could be continued. It is too early to buy now. More important Alibaba may be listed in 19 Sept. Market could drive down further afterward. 

I am taking defensive position by holding bond and cash.    

Monday 8 September 2014

Right Issue - OCBC

OCBC share price is strong during right issue. They are well supported by share holders. And it does not fall into my target price.

I will wait

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Buy OCBC target $9.3 before 9 Sept 2014

In my opinion. OCBC may drop below S$9.3 before 9 Sept 2014.  I should consider to buy in.

Please allow me to share with you my reason next week

Thursday 28 August 2014

Markets were disconnected from reality. What will happen next to Singapore and Asia market ?

My last blog was "Darkness before Drawn" on 20 March 2014. In which I mentioned "Brave ourselves invest stock with good fundamental and wait for reports to be announced next week. It could be drawn". My prediction once again correct. My portfolio was doing well especially "Bank of China". And so does my Singapore REIT investment. But managing my portfolio keep me away from writing my blog.

Our world have no or little improvement.

Ukraine, Iraq and Israel are at war. Both Europe and Japan are unperformed. QE3 will be ended in Oct 2014. Most countries grow slowly or no grow. China properties market is slow. And the HK democratic election dispute. But Markets ignore almost all bad news. They were disconnected from reality.

I sold 90% of my portfolio. I keep ready cash for potential opportunity. May be I shall wait until grant Stock "Alibaba" completed their USA IPO.